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320 - Certification Exam

Online practical exam with a client and written test to Certify as an Adaptive Therapy provider.

Zoom Practical & Written Exam

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Join out team by becoming certified to offer Adaptive Therapy technique in your practice.  Our standards are high so we certify those who want to integrate Adaptive Therapy techniques into their practices.  All courses must be learned first, practiced, and then apply to become certified.
Your Certification Exam includes a 2-hour practical where the student will apply the learned techniques based upon a pre-chosen topic, working with a client brought to the session over Zoom.  Your instructor will evaluate your performance and provide a pass/fail grade.  A written exam is also included which includes 25 questions, each worth 4 points.  A passing grade of 75% is required to become certified.  Any student can re-take either as needed to pass, at a 50% discounted rate until passing.

  • You will need to demonstrate confidence in muscle testing, both describing it to your client and performing it
  • You must demonstrate proficiency performing a line of questioning that leads to determining a client's belief system(s) while applying muscle testing
  • Demonstrating the ability to help clients imagine  how a belief system is blocking him or her and choosing a better belief is critical
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Exude confidence  

Alexandrea Day

Adaptive Therapy Founder, Writer, Speaker
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