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100 - Adaptive Therapy Overview

You will learn the underlying philosophy, the method and process to find and adapt self-limiting belief systems in an highly efficient process - self-paced, online.


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Self-paced 1 hour.



What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course is an introduction to illuminate the value of Adaptive Therapy so that therapists and clients can decide if it is a method to explore.  It's features include easy-to-understand concepts and quick change of stubborn, long-standing, and unwanted behavior.  The techniques taught will show how to drill down to the core issue quickly and make a specific change in just 2-weeks.
Overview of what will be learned:

  • The underlying philosophy of Adaptive Therapy
  • Why emotions are an important identifier of what one believes
  • Why and how are belief systems formed
  • That current events trigger stored beliefs and emotions from the past, beyond conscious control
  • How the unconscious mind plays it's role and why
  • How a tool is needed to explore the unconscious since its most often, not accessible
  • A demonstration of a session to clearly see the application of the process known as Adaptive Therapy

Alexandrea L. Day

Founder of Adaptive Therapy, Trainer, Writer, Speaker

From Clients

"Adaptive Therapy could help the world in so many ways because it gets to the root cause of the problem."   
Pam H.
Client and Certified Adaptive Therapist
"I was having difficulty going into labor with my first son.  Adaptive Therapy got me going in short order, avoiding more invasive methods."
Stephanie G.
Client and Certified Adaptive Therapist
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