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"SELF-DIRECTED," Planning Your Path to Purpose.

This book will change your life whether you have been involved in personal growth your whole life, have a few years under your belt or are just beginning your journey today.

This book was created to introduce Adaptive Therapy to those who want to access their inner knowing to heal themselves, and therapists that seek a tool allowing them to precisely identify a client’s core beliefs that cause cognitive dissonance if not conformed to. A simple communication tool, the Third-I app, is being developed to augment therapy sessions with focus on specifically determining the "cause" of harmful behavior, physical pain, and/or  emotional stress, which if prolonged will ultimately lead to illness or disease. Adaptive Therapy effectively addresses and helps in resolution of relationship problems by revealing conflicted programming from past experiences that enter into current situations when triggered. It is also effective for improving performance in any area of life, whether it be in sports, work, or learning. When one considers the scope of this tool, the urgency to make it available to all is apparent. There is a great need for mental health healing from the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated social and economic restrictions, the political divide, lack of a unified, global effort to solve problems, and personally, to achieve a purpose in life that contributes to the greater good of self, others, and the planet.

An example of the power of being able to access personal truth would be the ability, through Adaptive Therapy, to find out the "why" of anything. Suppose you got married and, as soon as the ceremony ended, you found yourself in a state of complete rage. In about five minutes you could find out why you felt that way, and better yet, have the tools to change it. Most likely the current feelings of rage have nothing to do with the current mate or wedding but are related to a past experience that has similar elements. The current experience is only "triggering" a past one. By using Adaptive Therapy techniques, one can quickly determine what past event or trauma is being triggered by the current situation, clear the old event of the emotional charge, reverse the core belief that is producing the feeling of rage, and, if need be, remove the projection onto the current person/experience from the past person/experience.

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