About Adaptive Therapy

iAffirm offers therapist training in point of care tools and techniques to augment sessions with evidence-based AI-driven technology that improves outcomes.  Our training first begins with the "analog" model to train thousands of therapists.  As soon as the tech tool is available, all therapists will be brought up to speed to replace the analog version.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy on Steroids

We understand that beliefs drive behaviors and when violated (the belief is not followed) it produces a negative emotion to compel conformity again.  Adaptive Therapy knows each has their own answers and techniques and tools help to unravel the mystery with ease, efficiently, and gently.

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You'll discover that "it's not your fault," that you have limiting belief systems or generate behavior you detest.


You will learn how to "listen" to your inner voice" for direction to modify belief systems that don't serve you.

Peer learning

We encourage learners to pair up with other learners to expand the self-discovery experience

No one is perfect

It's good to know we will not reach perfection applying Adaptive Therapy but it's insightful to stay on the path.

Core Issues

Adaptive Therapy has adapted to understanding the goal is to modify the core belief, not just the behavioral one.

Train more for less $

We could charge thousands of dollars for this training but instead elect to train more therapists for less.  Join us.

Our Partnership

GenoEmote is our technical partner that is developing our AI Therapist Assist Device.
World-class tRAINER

Meet Alexandrea L Day, Founder of Adaptive Therapy, Instructor, Author & Speaker

40 years developing Adaptive Therapy's technique and tools to help therapists improve efficiency and efficacy.   Author of Unconscious Agendas, and the training offered in this website.

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